Project Description

Pianist and composer, an eclectic artist searching for inspiration beyond music in theatre, dance, cinema and the plastic arts, creator of a singular and recognizable language. His performances, refreshing and surprising, manage with success to transmit emotions through his music, his pictures and performances, introducing the audience into a world of magic, tenderness and poetry. To create the musical soundtracks of his performances, David Moreno collaborates on a regular basis with well known artists.


ESENCIA (Essence)

This show speaks about the process of creating and about the process of the artist’s life. It’s a “huge music and visual setting“. Ideal for Openings or City Celebrations. The collaboration with a local treble choir and a drumming group makes it a great experience both, for the city and for the artists.

  •  Watch the videohere.


Street M(u)F plays with objects such as cardboard boxes, and 33 musical instruments and it is a very special way, also for children and family audience, to get in contact with an amazing musical experience.

  • Watch the video here.


Intimate performance, amazing setting, poetic and magic. An airborne pianist who lifts his music up to the sky, to become a star.

  • Watch the video here

With the same piano structure we can also offer you the possibility to make a customized show (changing the movie, the music, adding musicians or other complements) for the opening / closing of your festival or any idea you may have that fits better to your necessities. We are always happy to create new things!


This is an example of different settings we can imagine and create. Images are from a moving parade, organised for the Magic Kings Nights.

The scenography (equilibrist Pianos, bubble piano, flying pianos on tower, etc…), are thought to install on festivals, celebration venues and any non-conventional spaces as a Musical Installation with 5 pianists playing original music or music on demand.

  •  Watch the video here