Project Description

Divinas is an artistic company that have captivated the taste of the music and the aesthetics from the past. They’re specialized in theatrical concerts with dramaturgy and scenic direction, including music from the first half of the 20th Century.

The trio is formed by Carla Móra (soprano), Irene Ruiz (mezzo soprano) and Marta Móra (alto) / Susana Torregrosa (contralto). All of them had touched different artistic disciplines: music, singing, dance and tap dance. Since 2007, they work on the idea of wearing long gloves and revive the musical personality of the female vocal trios from the golden age of swing.

Inspired on the Andrews Sisters, the three voices of Divinas bring us a unique sound and invite the audience to journey to a world of glamour, femininity and entertainment, accompanied by excellent musicians.

The company takes special care for the staging, portrayal and atmosphere of all their shows, always looking at the past: a look at the past to seduce the future. To date they have done more than 500 functions and have performed in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa with their shows.