Project Description

The Theatre Company Dagoll Dagom, founded in 1974, started its way through musical Theatre with Antaviana 1978. Having a huge history on the stage, the main plays of them have been really popular with the catalan spectators, who has grown and formed with their shows.

Their list of their main representative plays are Nit de Sant Joan (1981), Glups!! (1983), El Mikado (1986), Mar i Cel (1988), Flor de nit (1992), Els Pirates (1997) and Aloma (2008).

Without having any doubt, the best show that defines them its Mar i Cel, possibly known as the big musical of Catalonia. It is based on the book of Àngel Guimerà, with the script of Xavier Bru de Sala and the composer of the songs Albert Guinovart. Mar i Cel has been played in three occasions: Its opening in 1988, in 2004, taking into account that matched with the thirty birth of the company, and finally in 2004, to celebrate forty years of history. Having seen this musical more than a million people around the world, Mar i Cel is nowadays a classic from the catalan theatre.

A part from their job on the stage, Dagoll Dagom has also produced TV comedy series with Televisió de Catalunya. Each of them has been really successful: Oh, Europa! (1993), Oh, Espanya! (1996), La memoria dels Cargols (1999), Psico-Express (2001) and La Sagrada Família (2009 – 2011).

Dagoll Dagom will premiere, in October 2021, T’estimo si he begut, a musical based on stories by Empar Moliner and directed by David Selvas. The play is performed by the four actresses of T de Teatre: Mamen Duch, Marta Pérez, Carme Pla and Àgata Roca, who are joined by David Bagés, Mercè Martínez and Ernest Villegas.