Project Description

The Marcel Tomàs & Cascai company has developed several shows of its own creation, betting on the development of its own language.

Touches of surrealist humor fused with physical theatre, video, music and mad ideas. Everyday anti-heroes, modern clowns without red noses, who can still make us laugh with the crazy comedy routines we know and love.

The company continues to tour with the shows Novecento, the legend of 1900 and Such a Shakespeare.

This year we will also see the start of the tour of his latest show The Colors of Duke Ellington , a show where theater and music come together to bring the world of jazz closer to all audiences. With the help of one of the greatest composers, conductors and performers in the history of jazz, Duke Ellington, we present a theatrical concert, where a band of nine musicians and two actors will propose a musical journey through the history of jazz, all passing through the humorous universe of Marcel Tomàs who, in addition to acting as master of ceremonies, will perform, together with the musicians, choreographies, comic sketches and songs. All in the service of a fun and hilarious show with an impeccable soundtrack and the invaluable participation of the audience.