Project Description

Teatre de Guerrilla is a company that has been working successfully for 15 years in Catalonia, but also to the rest of Spain. It has even been launched in France and Portugal. During this period has released 8 shows, three of them – which we Som Smoke and The Charlatans – were also released a Spanish version.
Guerrilla Theatre performances are unique with regard to its label. Based on a draft law on the basis of their own country and closed you can imagine, opened the reflection of a world wide and globally. And all this from the finest available irony and humor. The characters are eccentric who withdraw into themselves, but may find some credible and bar in the city, or any office of a politician.
Somehow, Guerrilla Theatre capture the perfection of the human being in their difficulties, their miseries, to give them an outlet so humorous and hygienic to its limits.
More than 2,000 representations they have made have allowed presented his unmistakable stamp. On the way have also developed other projects: television, theater, radio, literary …