Project Description

La Cubana is a Catalan theatre company with a history spanning over 35 years. It was established in Sitges 1980 by Vicky Plana and Jordi Milán (the current director).

Its theatre style is based on observation, recreating theatrical situations from daily experiences, always looking for the humorous point of view that usually goes unnoticed as theatre. The theatre created is based on small and simple ideas; a dialogue with the audience. It is hand crafted theatre.

In all their work the same constants are repeated, such as the transgression of spaces, surprise, the game as a theatrical expression and, above all, its characters. Characters that have their own life, taking on their own shape, that goes beyond the script. Another quirk is audience participation: It is intended to put the audience, the main inspiration of the company, into the position of protagonist. They regard the theatre as “a whole”, from inception to delivery. They have created large shows, and small shows; they have been televised; have organized business conventions; premieres and have worked in advertising. They have used a number of contrasting venues as stage, from traditional theatres, to more unusual spaces, such as markets, churches, public transport and perhaps most naturally, the street, as the street has been their great school, and on which they have based all their experience.

From 2012 to 2015 La Cubana presented its latest show “Campanades de Boda” (Wedding Chimes), “a vaudeville-comedy” about weddings, where they parody “the great parody” we all do when getting married. It is based on situations and social conventions that we all are familiar with. The show discovers, with more than a hint of comedy, the contradictions of a family whose daughter is about to marry. The play portrays the inevitable theatre behind the preparation of a wedding.

Actually is preparing a new project which will premiere at the end 2016

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Crta. del Mig, 91 (entrada per Vilardosa, 1-5)
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General manager and press and media manager: Daniel Compte
Executive producer: Frederic Santa-Olalla

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