Project Description

The Marcel Tomàs & Cascai company has developed several shows of its own creation, betting on the development of its own language.

Touches of surrealist humor fused with physical theatre, video, music and mad ideas. Everyday anti-heroes, modern clowns without red noses, who can still make us laugh with the crazy comedy routines we know and love.

The company continues to tour with the shows Novecento, the legend of 1900 and The comedian.

Danny Boodmann TD Lemon is the protagonist of Novecento, the monologue by Alessandro Baricco, a curious, particular and fascinating character who will captivate us with his incredible story. It is, in the words of its author, a story to be read aloud, a true staging.

Marcel Tomàs is a true and very original showman, and his shows are a celebration of the best of the cabaret tradition. The comedian is pure entertainment, although amongst the laughter, there’s room for new ideas, critical thinking and poetry.